Why Aliens exist for sure? (Not a Conspiracy Theory)

Do Aliens Exists?  We like to believe that yes they do, but why?

alien exist

There are some things, there are many theories, conspiracies, reported sightings, UFO pictures, fake stories, real life witnesses, but none of them can actually prove anything.

NASA is huge but not controlling the world, so the theory that they are hiding something from the whole world and you is extremely unlikely. The Aliens didn’t just happen to select a small place to live under, and the whole world is not stupid to let American agency to let experiment alone on an extraterrestrial being to gain knowledge, the truth is if anyone found aliens, you will know it, your paper, the internet, the TV, everything will be filled with the news. Thought that NASA or some government agency is hiding extremely intelligent aliens is hilarious.

So why do we say that Aliens do exist with so much certainty?

We do not say that, but all the facts taken into consideration, the universe is huge, maybe infinite, we have seen a part of it, the only thing we can say required for life to exist is WATER. Water is everywhere, it is a basic compound, extremely stable and do exist in liquid form in many solar systems.alien-proof-existance

Now taking the facts

  1. A large enough universe, maybe infinite
  2. A large number of planets, more than we can ever count
  3. Water maybe the only thing needed for life is abundant on many of these planets
  4. A lot of time for everything to mix up and life to develop
  5. Life already evolved many times on the only planet we truly know in different ways, places and condition

Now just think about it. The probability for life to evolve is small, but if the universe is huge it is unlikely that the probability will hit just once. It all depends upon how large the universe is. If it is large enough mathematic logic says that it is not possible that we are the only ones here.

The equation N=R_{\ast }\cdot f_{p}\cdot n_{e}\cdot f_{\ell }\cdot f_{i}\cdot f_{c}\cdot L

gives the probability of existence of aliens, by Frank Drake, from SETI, although a no of results can be derived from the equation based on assumptions, most reasonable values do suggest that aliens must be common in our universe.

The Fermi paradox is a theory between intelligent life being common in the universe, and a total lack of evidence of intelligent life. There paradox believes that intelligent life should be abundant, but why we could not discover any life except on the earth.

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