Unbelievable Creatures Found Ever!

 Monkey Piglet

A piglet was born with human like face, more monkey like face, it was owned by a family in Xiping Township, China.creepy creatures


The baby was among 5 piglets in China. Its two eyes were close enough to look like one, and it had shorter front legs, which means it could not walk on 4 legs.

Montauk Monster

A highly controversial creature, found on New York shore.



Some scientist initially thought, it was a decaying body of a racoon, but the idea was not accepted by other scientists as the hind legs of the creature were too close, nothing like a racoon, most people beleived it to be a mutated species from  Plum Island Animal Disease Center.

Creepy Alien Hybrid from India

Google search about the creepy creature says

“In Jodhpur’s Bawadi village in Rajasthan villagers were digging a well and uncovered what is described as a “human-like” creature by some, an “alien-hybrid” by others, a “humanoid,” and “little man,” according to different reports.”



In 2015, the creepy alien creature from Jodhpur’s Bawadi village in Rajasthan, went viral on facebook, the creature looked almost like an alien-human hybrid. The alien creature was found from a well  where the villagers found human-like organism while they were digging tube well to fetch water. There is no definitive proof of the picture being authentic. There is no proof of existence of the creature. Brazil Weird News believed that it was not a human and others will try to hide its existence by providing scientific explanation that makes us believe its a human fetus with genetic abnormalities.

Alien Corpse in Thailand

In 2010, alien corse in Thai Ceremony surfaced Facebook, the news went viral.creepy creature alien head


There were several images showing the creature in ceremony. The creature had a large head and was almost silver-grey in color, almost like an Alien. It was thought to be of extraterrestrial origin by the Thai people.


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