10 Top Haunted Places and Destinations in the World


Its a story of a little girl, who drowned in the sea, Julian, an innocent traveller visits the Island and haves a conversation with the ghost of the girl, she says that she’s trapped on the Island.Hanging Dolls on the island of dolls

Julian collects dolls for the girl to play with. He sells fruits and vegetables grown on the Island. People starts to visit the Island and hear dolls whisper to them at night, the dolls eyes follow people.haunted island dolls

Now Julian tells his nephew that the girl wants him to join her, she is done playing with dolls, Julian’s nephew visited the Island the same night. As his nephew approaches the haunted Island, at the spot where they found the dead body of the girl was Julian’s head.


The Queen Mary Ocean liner, which was in service as a ship in 1930s and 1960s has been one of the Americas’s most haunted hotel since 1970s. There have been several reported sightings by guests. Legend of Queen mary hauntingSome sightings are very commonly reported, like spirit of a women in the swimming pool, who died there, a women in the salon, children in storage rooms and a man in first class suites.


Its a story of a black magic expert, who fell in love with the princess. Unfortunately when he was killed by the king, he cursed the entire fort. The curse lead to the death of residents by an unknown army killing everyone in the fort. haunted fort of bahangarhSince then the fort is haunted with the ghosts of residents, anyone who stayed at night was dead by the morning. This lead to a belief in the local villages that the place is haunted, it is closed at night time and villagers are warned to remain far away from the place.


The hospital was taken over by the Japanese Secret Army Kempeitai, during WWII and was used to keep and torture captured allied hostages. Old Changi hospitalWhen the hospital came back in operation, people began to see sightings, hear voices of captured victims. The place has been declared to be haunted and is left abandoned.


The lighthouse is said to be haunted by the ghost of people who died in the lighthouse when it was functional.
The visitors have reported being pulled down the stairs by a mysterious blue dressed girl, resembling one of the two girls who died in the construction of the building. The visitors have also reported the smell of burning cigar(of the caretaker who died on the job) and two girls on the stairs.Hunted lighthouse world

The Paranormal Society or TAPS regards the place as Mona Lisa of Paranormal Sites, due to possible electronic evidences of paranormal activities.


The castle is very old, an iconic place in Scotland, the visitors reported sightings of a Phantom Piper and a headless drummer, a ghost dog that wanders the castle in a dog cemetery and spirits of prisoners from French and American Soldiers. The archaeologists have found the evidence of people living underneath the castle as well.72d6f8712fb84a2b97ba7325e52c9766


A man who walks the ramparts and a dog that jumps on visitors has been seen many times, also a ghost of a woman seen running through the complex crying, which disappeared when excavations uncovered a woman’s body. Cape Town haunted castleThe ghost of a soldier hanging from the closed bell tower was seen in 1700s, which is why the bell tower remains closed. The bell strike however is heard even to this day.


The most famous is the headless ghost of beheaded wife of King Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn.Tower of london ghost

In the white tower, a white lady was sometimes spotted waving. She is believed to be Lady Jane Grey.

Two children in night suits have also been sighted holding hands in different rooms of the castle, they are believed to be ghost of two children who were declared illegitimate by the parliament, later they disappeared and two skeletons were found underneath white tower, where they were sent.


Many say sightings and strange feelings ,often overwhelm the visitors to the Chapel.

There are decorations everywhere in the chapel, everywhere but made from bones and skulls. There is even a chandelier made of bones and skulls designs by František Rint.

bone chandelier

Helltown, OHIO, USA

Helltown is situated in the Northern Summit Country, Ohio. There are many stories about this town, but the best guess is a deadly chemical spill by the government of US and abandoned houses due to buyout by government in order to preserve the forests, as the forests surrounding were actually declared as a national sanctuary. Now people have reported dead people walking around, spirits of old residents and some more creepy sightings.helltown4

A few of the ghost haunters lost their lives while a stay at the Helltown. People are hesitant to go there, which is why it is left abandoned.

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