Top 14 Questions Science found no Answer to Yet

14.What is in the bottom of the ocean?
bottom of ocean

It is said that we have explored less than 5% of the oceans. No one has been to the deepest parts, the deeper we go the more amazed we are, we are constantly discovering new species of plants and animals right here on our earth.


Science never denies the existence of God, it doesn’t prove it either, scientist have no definite answer.

12. Is the universe truly infinite?

infinite universe

We have no answer, there are popular theories for both arguments, but no proof.

11. What Makes us Alive?
what makes us us

What makes you alive, what is consciousness and where does life come from? Science still has no answer, and none is expected soon.

10. Can We Travel in Time?maxresdefault-1-e1471789887880

It is well established that time moves at different speeds depending on relative motion, position, gravity and speed. But can we travel back and forth in time? The question still remains open, there has been no significant development in the field since Einstein’s Relativity.

9. What is the purpose of life (or anything)?purposelife

Why does everything exist, is there any purpose for anything?

8. What is Gravity?


Gravity is known, we know how it works to some extent, but we don’t know where does it come from, what is the fundamental particle that makes up gravity.

7. What is the universe made of?universe

Atoms, or the matter you know only makes up about 5% of the universe, and the rest isn’t empty, its gravity is felt and something is there, some of it is dark matter and the rest is unknown, the name dark energy is given to it.

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6. Why do we grow older and age?

Why do we grow older, the answer might be given for how we age, but there is no reason that we have built in ageing mechanisms. It might be to diversify and evolve and adjust to changing environment, but we have no absolute answer to the question.

5. What happens when you die?death

What happens when you die, where does your consciousness go? Does your life end with you.

4. Why do we Sleep?sleep question

What is the reason that we cannot go more than a few days without sleeping? Arguments can be made and different reasons might be thought of, but the sleep constitutes almost a quarter of your day, that is just too much down time for maintenance.

3. Are there other universes?ARE-THERE-PARALLEL-UNIVERSES

2. Why do we dream?Elephants_Dream_s5_both (1)

Why do we dream, the dreams does not help us in survival, its just your mind wandering in your sleep, but why does your mind wander in your sleep is a question which no one has ever been able to answer.

1. Why do we laugh?

Why do we laugh, its good for health, it makes us happy, and we all like it, but it does not solve any purpose, not even slightly.

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