Snow Donut or Snow Roller a rare interesting natural phenomenon

Snow Donut or snow roller is a rare  natural phenomenon in which large snowballs are formed when a chunk of snow wraps around accumulating more snow, when the ball rolls up in one direction it dorms a ring rather than a ball, this ring is known as a snow roller. They naturally roll and have a low density,  shaped cylindrical, almost similar to a large  doughnut. Found mostly in large snowy mountains of  North America and Northern Europe.

They can be as as a tennis ball, or they can be almost a meter tall. A newly formed donut is made of extremely thin ice, almost at its melting point, and can be easily blown away by strong winds.

snow donut

The main cause of formation is wind or sheets of ice rolling down a hill, which is why they are mostly found in hilly areas. Sometimes large sheets of ice have also been notices to start accumulating into long cylindrical shaped snow roller.

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