How Man Made Cats, Dogs, Bananas and so much more




Yes, Dogs! Not the different species but dogs themselves. They are created by us Humans, they were made by forcing evolution of wolves into domestic creatures. This process does take a long time, and probably caused by little knowledge about what is being done, dogs are not created by carefully planning them, in fact it has been done over 100s of years unknowingly. Humans start to feed wolves, which makes them come for more food, the violent ones which are not easy to domesticate die, when new generation is born, the ones that are more domesticable are fed and the violent ones are killed, this creates a whole generation of wolves that are domestic, or Dogs.





Cats just like dogs are created by humans, overtime this process is
believed to be 8000 old when they were Wildcats, a species more similar to jungle cats rather than domestic pets, although there has been no absolute proof but there are theories how humans domesticated the cats. The cats came into existence when farmers tried to kept smaller mammals off their crops, wildcats were bred, fed and were given a place to live, they were protected by the Humans and kept in their fields, as human areas are free of large predators and cats could easily find food, slowly the wilder cats did not have any advantage, the more quieter ones are safer to keep as pets and have an evolutionary advantage, this makes them the domestic cats we see today.

Sheep, Horses, Pigeons, Guinn Pigs and probably Goldfish


The mouflon is thought to be the primary ancestor of domestic sheep.


Chicken getting bigger for more chicken


Pigeons are just Domestic Doves

hore evolution

Like the Cats and Dogs, these animals are also evolved by careful long time selection artificially by humans, the humans might have done it unknowingly.



Wild Banana

There are wild bananas, but they are much different, they have seeds, they are smaller and basically do not provide much to eat. Today, bananas are most popular fruit, actually its the most edible product consumed around the world.


Basically all the modern food which is grown or cultivated

Unlike in animals, humans actually plan these evolutions in order to generate more food, cross-breed different species, make hybrids and select the more suitable species for food.

wheat rice crops parent

All the rice, wheat, corn ,barley and bamboo, thatch, straw come from a flowering grass Poaceae. It covers 20% of all crops in the world.


Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli and basically all cabbage species come from wild mustard which is just long grass.


Potato, Tomato, Capsicum, Bell Pepper, Chilli, eggplant, tobacco, Datura , belladonna and mandrake all come from the flower Solanaceae.










All Modern poultry and Dairy animalsThe list can be too long so I suggest you to google it.

Well, these are not actually entirely man-made but the new species or modern species that we see today are almost entirely different from the ones just a few 100 years ago, these animals are a result of artificial selection, an increasing demand creates new species as farmers prefer the ones that make profit, they are often cross-bred to make different, “better” in some way or the other.


New Virus, pest and stronger insects

Yeah!, we also created a new improved generation of pest, insects and weeds, of course we didn’t want to but just like everything evolves, our actions made them better, more prone to diseases, bigger, faster and resistant to chemicals. We created new generations of virus, bacteria, rodents, spiders, ants, and even weeds. Many insects now are developing resistance to traditional pesticides, the weaker pest die, when some survive, the new generation is better adjusting to the environment.


Jellyfish Blooms, created by warmer ocean and Fertilizers, now becoming a problem across many countries


Many mosquito and rats are slowly developing resistance to DDT which was the most effective pesticide of all time, now discontinued due to harmful effects

bacteria virus

Accidentally created Ebola virus, Swine Flu, and AIDS,or actually transferred them to Humans.

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