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Awesome Confusing yet hilarious images

34. Ok, its one thing the girl has no head, but why is the girl behind her touching her b…..? 33. Small headed man in the back row 32. When your parents don’t let...


14 Weird and Mind Blowing Animal Abilities and Behavior

A flea can jump 100 times its height Source Polar bears are nearly undetectable by infrared cameras Source Giant Tortoise in Galapagos can live upto a year no food or water Source Headless cockroaches are capable of living...


Unbelievable Creatures Found Ever!

 Monkey Piglet A piglet was born with human like face, more monkey like face, it was owned by a family in Xiping Township, China. SOURCE The baby was among 5 piglets in China. Its...


16 Everyday Things That Kill Some People Each Year

Sneezing Fall From Bed Vending Machine Elevators Choking on Food Killer Frost Bathtub Drowning Champagne Cork Selfie KITES TRIPPING AND FALLING Baseball Hit Balloon Aerosol Explosion FUGU Sushi Dogs

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13 Natural Phenomenon Too Amazing to Understand

Sailing Stones Stones move without any external animal or human interaction. They leave long trails, it seems as if the stones are moving by an unknown force and leaving trails behind. There have been several...