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10 Top Haunted Places and Destinations in the World

ISLAND OF THE DOLLS, XOCHIMILCO, MEXICO Its a story of a little girl, who drowned in the sea, Julian, an innocent traveller visits the Island and haves a conversation with the ghost of the...


Superhuman Abilities in Humans You Won’t Believe

Michel Lotito- The guy who ate a whole aircraft He ate bicycles, shopping carts, televisions, a Cessna 150 aircraft. It took him 2 years to finish the Cessna. Tibetan Monks – Practicing Tummo The purpose...


12 Paradoxes That You Will Never Be Able to Find Answers To

The Pinocchio Paradox: What if Pinocchio said, ‘My nose grows now.’?If someone says “This sentence is false” to a false statement, this would mean that it is technically true statement,but the “This sentence is...