Adding post rules

Follow these rules and guidelines in order to post content and get approval:

Note: Users can use WP standard editor to write much posts with more content and images.
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  • Do not post advertising content
  • Post only relevant and interesting or informative content
  • Do not add copied content from other websites
  • Add relevant tags and submit under the appropriate category, if your category not found, post under ‘weird’.
  • Your submitted articles might be changed and edited by our employees.
  • We will add images to your content, to post images you can paste links to them, we will upload your images.
  • The one image you add acts as the cover image of the article.
  • Posting ads or deliberately trying to add too many irrelevant or spam posts will get your IP banned and reported, this might get your IP blocked from other similar websites.
  • Posting copyright content is illegal, only you will be liable for any damages caused by using copyright content, images or any other data.
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