7 Crazy Patents Too Hard to Believe are already Taken

“Method of concealing baldness”

In 1977 this was patented crazy baldness hair patent

Some people stood up for these crazy laws. I like Trump!! [Ref]



It’s an umbrella for beer

Protect your beer from getting soaked, using the beer umbrella, different than the little umbrella in your drink. [Ref]

“Human Slingshot”

Heard it right, its the machine that throws little human in air.
human sling shot machine big realNever been tested, but who knows!! [Ref]

Michael Jackson’s Shoes

How does Michael Jackson Lean so much that it seems to defy gravity? He leans forward so close to the ground, it’s because of his shoes. He had it patented


The shoes hid a concealed mechanism that attached him to the ground.

Non Lethal Cock Fighting System

The patent idea to create a new revolution in illegal cock fighting system. The system ensures cock fighting leads to no loss of life.


Apparatus to change a light bulb

How many people does it take to change a lightbulb? It takes 1, after this invention it will still take 1 since it requires someone to operate this machine.

bulb changing apparatus

Anti Eating Mask


Candle blowing Apparatus

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