18 Most Amazing Size Comparisons You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Ship vs Others vs Blimp


The small dots in dark blue are humans, you can see the size of a car, bus and a passenger plane compared to the ship.

The Tallest and the Shortest


Two Guinness World Record Holders standing side by side.

Heart of a Whale


whale heart

Read Blue Whales Might Be the Largest Animals EVER!

Large Machines

bagger 288 machine

The super large mining machine served for 13 years. The machine is so heavy that it is not practically possible to transport it to another mining location.

 Octopus and A Squid


The Blue Whale


Read Blue Whales Might Be the Largest Animals EVER!


The population of the world is higher than ever, of every 12 people who was ever born in the world, one of them is still alive today. Humans have been recorded since a decade, itis estimated 107 billion people ever lived. Current population of the world is close to 7 billion, the average life expectancy is increasing and the population is expanding.

population now

Of every 12 people who ever lived till now, one is still alive and healthier than ever

Actual Size of Distorted Maps


Similar is the case for all countries further to the equator, all countries near the equator seem smaller and away from the equator seem larger than their actual size, as you can see sometime the size comparison is quite significant.

Large Snakes



This is a replica of a real snake caught.

One of the larger snakes of the world caught on camera, eating something larger than the boy.

The image on the right also shows a real life snake, its a replica in actual size eating a large lizard.




Smallest and largest Bird Eggs


The largest bird is Ostrich and the smallest is a humming bird.

Smallest Country

sealand country smallest

Sealand, the smallest country which really exist and is for sale

Sealand is the smallest country, it might not seem real but it is a real legitimate country. But it has its own flag, currency and is even for sale in close to 1 Billion. It is exclusively owned by Bates Family.

The Pirate Bay even tried to buy it in 2007.

Sun and the Earth


Red Giant and the Sun

sun and red giant size compare

The red giant is a stage before death of a star, the sun might become the red giant some day.

The Giant hand of ‘Andre the Giant’

the giant hand of andre

Andre the Giant Holding a Perfectly normal size beer can



Humming Bird



minecraft surface area



The total weight of human is less than total weight of ants.

Super Large Jellyfish

jellyfish super large

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