15 Weirdest Facts about the Human Body that will Blow Your Mind

  1. It looses skin, about 60000 cells are lost hourly, that means about 0.6kg every year. The major house dust is dead skin. I fact you get a totally new skin in 28 days.
  2. Our skin contains about 30 Million bacteria per square inch.woman-1142103_960_720
  3. More than half of your weight is the bacteria living inside you, they help in many bodily functions.
  4. The stomach lining is destroyed by super-corrosive acids used in digestion, these are strong enough to dissolve razor blades. If lining is not renewed the acid might start digesting human body itself.
  5. Sneeze can travel up to 150km/h. You can die sneezing, pop out your eyes and a hard sneeze can severely damage your brain cells. In fact some cells die each time you sneeze.
  6. There are 60,000 miles of blood vessels, each day the heart pumps about 420,000 ltr of blood.
  7. Type O is actually the most common blood type, the rarest is A-H, i has been found in 100 people since its discovery.
  8. In a lifetime you can produce a lot of saliva, two swimming pools of saliva in a lifetime.
  9. Snoring can make you deaf, it is sometimes louder than voice, it can go up to 80db, more than 85db is hazardous, normal voice is 60db loud.
  10. Babies have large heads, it makes it 1/4 of their body, as we become adults the head seems to grow at much lower rate and is 1/8 of the weight in an adult.
  11. Your lungs have about the same surface area as a tennis court, it allows exchange of more oxygen.
  12. Brain requires about 10W power, works harder at night, and uses 20% of your oxygen.
  13. Babies are stronger than ox, can lift 4 times their own weight but loose this ability within months of being born.
  14. About 300Million cells die in our body die each minute.
  15. You can sweat as much as 3 gallons a day.

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