13 Natural Phenomenon Too Amazing to Understand

Sailing Stones

Stones move without any external animal or human interaction. They leave long trails, it seems as if the stones are moving by an unknown force and leaving trails behind.

sailing stone science mystery natural

Death Valley Sailing Stones

There have been several theories, in winters, stones somehow starts to float on thin layer of ice and water, some believe the winds are somehow responsible for the movement. There have been video recordings of the moving rocks, but the exact cause is still not known, it has been an amazing natural phenomenon known from a century, but still can’t be explained.

Crop Circles

A crop circle is a pattern created by flattening a crop. They are extremely popular urban legend. The actual cause is mostly humans but there are several theories. Many people believe they are made by alien invaders and are too complex to be created by humans. They have been reported since 1670s. Most crop circles are found in Europe and appear overnight.crop circle

There have been many extreme theories, magnetism, weather and natural causes. All agree that more than 80% are created by Humans as a hoax. The most popular explanation still continues to be some kind of paranormal or alien interaction.

Blood falls of Antartica

Seems like blood falling out of Antartica.

antartica blood falls

The red colored falls is a substance which seem to closely resemble blood. This is because of Iron Oxide.

Ball Lightning

Was considered as an urban myth until 1960s, even though there were reports from around the world. Scientists never thought it was possible until it was proven, it is still not fully understood what causes the ball lightning. As the name suggests, it is a a ball of electricity lasting a much longer time than lightning bolt, longer than electricity is known to last.

man made ball lightning

Lab Experiments on Ball of Lightning

ball lightning natural








It remains unclear how it occurs, however some experiments have been carried out to produce same ball of lightning in lab setups.



Raining Animals

Animals such as fishes or frogs fall in large quantities from the sky, the phenomenon is reported in several countries over the years. The phenomenon can be explained by tornado storms, sometimes picking up animals and making them fall from the sky.

fish-rain-in-thailand-4This rain is not necessarily witnessed accompanied with storms. Animals which have been reported are fish, frog, spiders and worms, in ancient literature, a range of weirder animals have been reported.

Underwater crop circles

They’ve been called the crop circles of the ocean floor—seven-foot diameter patterned circles that were first spotted in 1995 off the coast of southern Japan.


It was seen in 2011 that, male Pufferfish was responsible in these formations, they used it to attract females.

Lenticular clouds


Web Covered Trees

web covered trees

Web covered trees, millions o spiders hide into the trees due to long lasting floods in Pakistan. As water takes long time to clear, the spiders cover the trees and other plants in web.

Christmas Island’s Red Crabs

red crab migrating

Christmas Island Red Crab mass crossing closed road during annual migration, Christmas Island, Indian Ocean


These crabs are only a single species living in a specific area, it is believed that 40 million crabs lived on a small island. They are well known for mass migration in the breeding season. The population has taken a huge hit due to yellow crazy ants, killind a large number of these crabs. Millions of crabs fill the island during migration season.

Volcanic Thunder Storm

miyatake7The top theory maintains that upon eruption, a volcano ejects positively charged debris into the sky. These charges interact with the negative charges already present in our atmosphere. Looks like an amazing natural phenomenon.

Snow Donuts

snow-doughnut the amazing natural phenomenonLarge snowballs are formed naturally by wind, picking up material along the way. They can go bigger than a car.

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Appearance of reddish or greenish light in the sky, typically near north and south poles in higher altitude. Occur in many parts of the world. It occurs due to interaction solar flare to upper atmosphere, leaving charged particles which emit light.

Hessdalen Light

Unexplained nocturnal lights observed in central Norway.

unexplained lights amazing natural phenomenon

They are now a popular tourist attraction. The lights sometimes lasts for hours, move back and forth. They have been reported first in 1930s, but are still seen 15 to 20 times a year. There are several scientific organizations trying to find out bout the lights but there has been no satisfying explanation about the phenomenon till date.

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