11 Strangest Medical Conditions That Will Blow Your Mind!


fergoli delusion

A type of paranoia, people suffering believe that different people around him are not real, they are in-fact the same person in disguise, this delusion is one of the common delusion in sufferers of brain delusions.[Ref]


#10hairy eyeball growth

Pterygia is a rare condition affecting the cornea, skin and very rarely hair may grow into the cornea, causing partial blindness. In rare cases, untreated Pterygia might cover both eyes and cause complete blindness.
A similar eye condition was treated in a strange way by a surfer who dipped his head in a 30 foot high wave which healed him. The gushing water apparently cut-off the growth in his eye, which otherwise needed surgery to remove. The doctors said he was lucky his eye was not damaged.


strangest medical condition, 3 consecutive days of closed

Natalie Adler is a women with a strange medical condition, her eyes are closed for every 3 consecutive days. She cannot open her eyes no matter how hard she tries to when they are shut, when its over she finally can open and close her eyes at will. She is the only person known to have this condition. The cause is unknown. This first happened right before her exams, it was thought to be because of a sinus but later it became recurring and she had live every consecutive 3 days in complete darkness, even though she has a perfect eyesight.


red blue green blood real

The color of the blood is not always red, it can be green or blue. In humans a rare condition known as sulfhemoglobinemia makes the blood green. It occurs due to overdose of a few medications containing sulfur compounds that bond with iron in the blood and changes its color.

Blue blood is seen in some spiders, lobsters and snails as their blood contains hemocyanin(a copper compound) instead of hemoglobin to carry oxygen.



An uncontrollable genital arousal, occurring throughout the life, unrelated to any sexual desire. The first ever documented case was in 2001. The disorder only occur in female patients, although a very similar condition in men has also been reported a few times recently.


#6foreign accent syndrome

There have been several reported cases, all were caused by either a stroke, trauma or brain injury. Despite of the popular belief, in no case the sufferer’s accent actually improved.


#5star cataract

A man developed a star shaped cataract due to 14000V Electric shock on his shoulder. There have been 2 cases like this, one caused by a shock and the other by severe punch in one eye, leaving star shaped figure developed in the eye, along with blurred vision. The star-shape is known as stellate cataract.



One of the twins was carrying her own sibling when she was born, according to a child care news report.

#3alien hand syndrome

Alien hand syndrome can be caused by an infection, stroke or brain surgery, it is relatively a rare disorder, more common in the left hand, the hand moves without any voluntary control over it, and yes it might try to kill!!


gabby feels no pain

Gabby Gingras feels no pain, she had several injuries due to this disorder, there are only a few people in the world suffering from the disorder congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis, they are incapable of feeling anything, they have no neural network that gives them the feeling of pain.


#1rare weird drisorders

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