10 Most Horrifying Diseases You Won’t Beleive Exist


Its a relatively known condition, the disease is caused by parasitic worms, mostly transmitted through mosquito bites. Approximately 120 Million are affected worldwide.

7svtzvyThe sad part is there is no known cure, once swelling starts, precautions can be taken to inhibit growth of parasites. In extreme cases limbs have to amputated. The most common symptom is extreme swelling in legs and feet.


The disease is genetic. It changes one tissue organ into an entire different one. When an organ undergoes damage of some kind, it starts to heal but turn into bone instead.

image003The result is bone developed through the body, even inside organs and muscles. It is a deadly disease and there is no cure.

Alien Hand Syndrome

It is extremely rare and there is no known cause. It is neurological and one of the strangest in the list. One hand of the patient moves without his control. alien-hand-1-1The hand seems like it is controlled by an outside entity. Its symptoms can be reduced with therapy. Its not fatal unless your alien hand tries to stab you.

Cotard’s Delusion

Its also known as Walking Corpse Syndrome. The sufferer believes that he or she is dead or is missing certain body parts such as the brain or limbs.

deadThe patients sometimes spend time at the cemetery and stop eating. The condition is rare and treatment is possible.

Foreign Accent Syndrome

Some people start to speak in a foreign accent quite fluently without any warning. The accent can be from an area unknown to them, it is seen that sometimes the sufferer did not know the dialect that starts to speak in quite fluently.

tumblr_inline_mo36u746u51qz4rgpThe only possible cure is extensive speech therapy.

Kuru Disease

It is caused by cannibalism, caused by consumption of human brains. It is extremely rare and is found only in a few cannibal tribes.tgi_00204 The symptoms are terrible bursts of laughter. The disease is so called laughing sickness.

Nodding syndrome

Extremely rare, relatively new, discovered in 1980. It is fatal and effects mostly young children.

The only symptom known is excessive nodding on the sight of food.


Rare Disorder, there are however different forms of the disease. The suffer develops an appetite and craving for largely non-edible substances, including paper, hair, metal, plastics, stones and dirt. It is most common in small children and pregnant women.8493421_f520-1 A study suggests that the disease can be caused by extreme deficiency in some mineral, the type of non-food consumed might even indicate what kind of deficiency the sufferer has.

Blue Skin Disorder

Purely genetic and extremely rare, however skin color might also change to red, white and blue from other disorders.1a86e41ce2babb55d13ccedefbd8fca9 This was a disease seen most noticeably in a family known as the blue people, they were perfectly healthy and lived long lives with blue skin.

Dancing Mania

 It started as a social phenomenon in Europe, involved 100s and sometimes 1000’s of people to dance for several days, many of them had heart attacks, seizures and died of exhaustion. dancing-plague-not-such-a-new-thing-82571There has been several documented events of such manias in different countries, there is no known cause and some just consider it as a social phenomenon.

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