10 Most Creepy and Strange Medical Conditions You Won’t be able to Look At!

WARNING: Too Graphical Content, Scroll at Your Own Risk!!!



The disease causes skin growth over the cornea, it has been previously mentioned in a decent version of the article before. The hair growth is uncommon, but Pterygia is not so rare. If untreated for long, it causes partial or complete blindness.

Stone Man’s Disease


Fibrodysplasia has been mentioned here before, but this is what it actually looks like. It is a rare genetic disorder, the tendons, muscles and tissues start to turn into bone, you won’t wish this into your worst enemy. An injury in this condition will likely be deadly, instead of replacing old tissues with newer, the body replaces it with bones.

Noma(fusospirochetal gangrene)


Its an infection, caused by poor hygene, malnutrition, Aids or Immune deficiency or Measles.


Epidermodysplasia Verruciformisepidermodysplasia-verruciformis

The tree man disorder, only a few people ever have been reported with the genetic disorder, a tree like fungus covers most parts of the body.


Everyone has heard of the the rare disorder, its genetic, causes old age too soon.

Werewolf Syndrome


Hair growth over the entire body, this is rare and genetic, the face and many other parts of the body are completely covered with hair.

Polyostotic Fibrous Dysplasia

Polyostotic Fibrous Dysplasia

Different than fibrodysplasia, but effects more than one bone at a time. The bones are replaced by fibrous tissue. It causes swelling of the bones, the condition is extremely rare, there is no cure other than surgery.


Hydrocephalus, strange large head in babies

Caused by excessive fluid and swelling around brain tissue. Many severe cases are reported.



It is a disorder, usually occurs within weeks of birth, if untreated it becomes severe and deadly. The only way to treat is early surgery.


Rare very rare, a birth defect when embryo fails to develop into two seperate hemispheres, blends into one, it occurs in humans, but too graphic to be shown on Wireobot.


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