10 Craziest Unbelievably Insane things ever sold on Ebay

Real Leg Lamp

Leo Bonten tried to sell his amputated leg made into a lamp, leg suspended in cryogenic fluid. The auction was removed by Ebay as its against the policy to sell human parts.

leg on ebay real life lamp

$128K Removed: Policy Violation

HollyWood Sign (Original)

Yes! The hollywood sign has been replaced by a new sign, the original was sold on ebay.

original hollywood sign which was sold on ebay


An Original Einstien’s Handwritten Letter

The letter was written to Jewish Philosopher Gutking, in which Einstein defended Gutking’s philosophical views towards human nature, ethical and religious views. The letter was written in 1954.

einstiens ebay letter real


Life of a Man

Ian Usher sold his life on Ebay, that included all of the things he owned, his house, all of his belongings, his friends(Introduction to them), his job.

man who sold his life on ebay

At £192,000

A part of Mars

A meteor that originated from the red planet was sold on Ebay in 2003 for $450K. They are fairly uncommon and rarely fall on the earth.



Forehead Advertising Space

A women in Utah decided to sell her forehead for advertising and make money for her son’s education. GoldenPalace a casino bought it.

forehead advertising

At £6,519

Ghost in a Jar

With the jar, claimed “serious not a joke”, he started selling Ghost in a Jar club memberships, his picture with a Jar signed and people started selling T-shirts and other stuff.ebay ghost in a jar


At $50,922 : Not Paid

Imaginary friends

The trend started when a girl sold her imaginary friend on ebay, now many people are doing it, it fetches them nothing to thousands of dollars, now the bid has gone down to a few hundred dollars. You can also buy imaginary girlfriends, boyfriends and a lot more.

‘Virgin Mary’ Toast

A sandwich cooked that resembles a picture of Virgin Mary, the same buyer then also bought the Dorito shaped like Pop’s Hat. The auction was followed by shirts and replica’s of the toast.



Bridgeville was sold on ebay, not once but twice!!! The first time in 2002, but the buyer refused to pay for it after visiting the town, got a new buyer. In 2006 it was once again auctioned for $1.25Million .

bridgeville sold on ebay

$1.75Million in 2002

$1.25Million in 2006


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