10 Cheap Mildly Cool Stuff Online that You Will Not be Able to Resist

#10 Levitating Stuff via Magnetic Field like The Attractive Tiny Bonsai

Levitating models have become a popular showcase material. You can easily get levitating showpiece for a futuristic and beautiful decor in your home. Here is a levitating bonsai, looks amazing.

#9 Gallium

You can get Gallium for a 10-20$ and see it melt from the heat of your palm. Gallium is one of the very few metal that has an extremely low melting point and is safe to handle with your bare hands. wireobot secret cat

!See Gallium infiltration of Aluminium!(IPHONE)

gallium melting in hand

#8 Glow in the dark plutonium Soap

Glowing watch, glowing sticks and now comes the glowing soap. For those who like cool and weird things and don’t mind a little radiation or someone who washes themselves in the dark.

uranium, plutonium, soap

There is no real Uranium or Plutonium or Uranium of course. The soap is safe.

#7 Transparent lock picking set

The perfect way learning to pick a lock. It might just be a cool real lock set and a toy, but for the aspiring kids who want to be lock pickers, magicians, robbers its a perfect learning toy. The most standard real design of a working lock is presented in a transparent see-through design making it essentially a perfect learning tool for something our schools don’t teach us.

Just minutes on this thing will let you break open standard locks. Modern day locks work on a more complex design, but even today this is the most common lock design used.

lock picking ultimate set transparent

There are many versions of this available, some might be usable locks, some might be designed as educational toys.

#6 Solar charger power bank that sticks to the window

The solar power bank sticks to glass and provides uninterrupted charging. The device is pretty commonly known these days, but some of these devices are lower quality and not useful. You need to take care before you buy them. There are actually some great solar chargers out there are very useful if you always forget charging your cell phone.

solar charger that sticks to window


#5 Wine bottle With Glass

The picture says it all.

wine glass with bottle in bottom

#4 Spider Catcher

It is scary for some of us to catch a bug. It feels disgusting and creepy, this is a very handy and easy device to use. The spider catcher lets you catch bugs easily without making your hands dirty. It is available in your favorite stores very easily.

spider catcher stick

#3 Real cars for kids: The perfect gift that no one can beat

Maybe its the time to let kids have their own car.

If you get a real driving car for your a kid, nothing will beat it. This is a Tesla Model S replica car, real motor driven, horns and headlights just like a real car.


#2 Keychain Breath Analyser

Did you ever wanted to check how drunk you are? Either you don’t want a friend to drive or don’t want the cops to find out, this gadget is fun to have and might just be a life saver in a certain unwanted situation. The breadth analyzer is fairly accurate and is just so cheap.

alchohol meter keyring

#1 Razer Arianan Laser Projector (Prototype Stage)

Gamer’s paradise! Want an immersive experience without wearing virtual reality glasses? Or just wanna play the best games that virtual reality just wouldn’t support? Than try a laser projector that turns your room into a game. The projector scans the room and provides an ultimate immersive experience by projecting the game to the entire area surrounding you.lazer projector immersive gaming

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