7 Most Amazing things Pokemon Go accomplishes

The Worlds top AR game(Brings AR to Mainstream)pokemon go vr


It brings you AR, it makes AR mainstream, it has quickly become the most played AR game ever, according to similar web, it has been installed on 5% android devices and 3% apple devices, its more than any other game. It has made over 400 million dollars by in app purchases.

Probably the first ever Computer Game that makes you fit


It makes you fit. People are running collecting Pokemon all over the world. Users were complaining initially on release of the game about sore legs and lot of work to catch em all. Instead of a traditional game, it encourages you to leave the house, and to really get good at the game you must travel long distances.

Some People have reported better mental health after Pokémon Go, encouraged them to step out into the real world and experience it.

Distracts your mind


It beats the ever popular keyword ‘porn’ in google searches.


Making People Visit Exotic & Exciting Places

You have to travel different places to catch different variety, in reality you must travel to parks, water filled areas and different kind of places, famous spots where pokemons are easily available if you really want to succeed without cheating in the game.

Help make REAL friends

pokemon go crowd

People around Poke stop Lure in Australia

Poke Stop Around towns

Poke Stops Around

pokemon go stadium







Its one step ahead of Facebook, when it comes to making friends, as the game gives you real life friends, people playing Pokemon go are meeting at gyms and poke spots.



 Making Money


People are selling their accounts on ebay, they go up as high as 7000 Euros, people are leaving their jobs to make that kind of money, creating multiple accounts to sell them for money.









Pokestop Sign in front of a shop, offers lure to get customers

Pokestop Sign in front of a shop, offers lure to get customers


Pokemon Go bus service, offering pokestop visits around town for 0.99$, eggs hatching for 50$








A lot of buisnesses are featuring pokespots, and putting out lure to get more customers at their places. these places are reportedly getting a lot of new visitors this way.

Makes People Crazy

There have been a lot of cases of deaths and injuries indirectly caused by Pokemon Go, since its release.

Taiwan University starts Pokemon Go course: Learning about Pokemon

Taiwan University starts Pokemon Go course: Learning about Pokemon

pokemon go date

There is a new dating service for Pokemon Go players called “PokéDates”. The service matches users based on a questionnaire and then coordinates a time and a PokéStop to meet at.

People are covering so many things with Pokemons

People are covering so many things with Pokemons




A Zoo, fed up from people coming in to see pokemons rather than animals, made pokemon style sign boards.



Pokemon Go featured in Japan





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